I’m taking a page out of Erin Napier’s book and have decided to document the best thing that happens every day of my very busy, sometimes ho-hum, but mostly lovely life. I am certain that the only people who will read this will be my husband Sean, my mother and mother-in-law, and my dear friend and reading buddy Jenny O’. But even if nobody reads this, I want to document at least one year, just to see how things might change, how I might change, in that one year of paying closer attention to the good things in life.

Today, Sean and I reached 1 week away from closing on our very first house. It is the definition of a starter home: built in 1970, it’s 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1,000 square feet, and perfect.

This charming Nashville cottage will be our home in exactly 1 week!

Buying your first house is equal parts amazing, terrifying, joyful, and stressful! I can’t wait until we close on this house in exactly one week and can officially call it our home.

The home is move-in ready but it’s been such a treat for Sean and I to daydream together about tiny changes and improvements we want to do to really make this house feel like our home. One of the first things I want to do is paint the exterior and expand the landscaping.

I love brick homes and doubt that I would ever paint over good brick, but I’m not opposed to some accent colors. Right now, our plan is to swap out everything that is that currently that bluish gray color for a light sage green (foundation blocks and shutters) and to paint the trim and gutters white. That just leaves the door, which we want to replace with a blue door.

For landscaping, I’m drawing my inspiration from Monty Don’s Big Dreams, Small Spaces. As you can tell from the photo, our house is built on-top of a hill, so the bottom of the foundation is exposed. It looks nice when painted, but it will look even nicer when we plant some gorgeous flowers in front of it. I want to have blooms all year long, so I’m looking into planting a combination of Diana Camelia Sasanquas, white blooms that come in the Fall and Winter, and Laurel Otto Lyukens, which bloom in the Spring. Lining the path from the front steps to our carport, I want to plant False Cypress Golden Mops, which will compliment the green sage accents of the house.

Beyond the plants and flowers, Sean wants a Japanese Maple Tree out front, which is fine with me!

Bloodgood Japanese Maple. Don’t you just love that name? Image courtesy of The Tree Center.

Isn’t daydreaming just the best?