Saturdays are my sanctuary. I work really hard during the week, probably too hard, and am a homebody by nature. Between the hectic work week and my innate desire to stay at home, I typically indulge in an incredibly lazy Saturday. Today was no exception.

We started our morning early, rising from bed before the sun came up. We’re in the middle of a dogwood winter and it got cold enough in our apartment this morning that I caved and turned the heat on, one last time.

We typically do our weekly grocery shopping trip on Saturdays and as a result, I was dreading the bare bones breakfast we had to look forward to. Luckily, Sean had the great idea to go down the street to our local coffee shop for breakfast sandwiches and lattes. This was a real treat for us since we’ve been pinching every penny for our down payment on our house. Because the coffee shop down the road didn’t open until 8am, I got to start my day with a relaxing bubble bath, slowly working my way through the multitude of eBooks that I have on loan from the library.

I love wearing my Washington State University sweatshirt on the weekends because it was the sweatshirt I was wearing when Sean proposed to me.

That slow and lazy morning set the pace for the whole day. I read books while Sean played video games. We sipped coffee side by side, taking breaks to cook together in the kitchen. I love Saturdays, but what I love most about Saturdays is the slow mornings with my husband.

Our weekdays are so hectic, right from the moment that we wake up, that I relish the opportunity to roll over in bed next to him, simply breathing him in while he gently stirs awake from sleep. There’s no better feeling in the world than starting your day wrapped up in the warmth of your partner’s arms. And I’m so lucky that I get to do it again tomorrow morning.