#7 HVAC Problems

It’s one of the most dreaded phrases in home ownership, HVAC problems, and we have them. In our final walk-through of the house yesterday, we noticed that the thermostat was adjustable on the heating setting but not on the cooling setting – it was stuck at 90 and wouldn’t budge. We reported the issue to the seller and asked that he take a look and replace the thermostat – we assumed it was an easy fix and that the thermostat just needed to be swapped out. Turns out, it might not be that simple.

The seller has an HVAC repairman coming out as soon as possible, but he can’t be there to take a look at the unit until tomorrow morning, the day we are scheduled to close. We’ve pushed our closing back to the end of the day, which will hopefully give us enough time to figure out the problem and get it resolved. But, things are up in the air as far as what the problem is, what the extent and cost of the repairs are, what the seller is willing to do, and what sorts of problems we are willing to purchase/inherit with this new (old) house.

My stress level is high, I’m exhausted, and I’m just drained. There’s nothing to do but wait until tomorrow morning when we have more information. Keep your fingers crossed for us that it’s an easy and cheap fix.