#11 New Monday Routines

Our commute from our new (old) house is amazing. Before, it used to take us about 45 minutes to get into work from the apartment. Now, it only takes us 15 minutes. AMAZING.

We’re still settling into the house and getting our routine in order, but between the double sinks and the short commute, our workday mornings are shaping up to be pretty fantastic. I’ve been neglecting my morning yoga since we embarked on this home buying experience – I need to be better about that and work it back into my routine.

We haven’t gotten to test out the commute home yet. We had to go to the grocery store after work today and then run by the apartment to pick up a few important miscellaneous items that we left behind (like silverware, for example). Hopefully the commute home is just as good as the commute into work.