#13 Minor Inconveniences of Moving

Moving is exciting. Buying your first house is even more exciting. But no matter when or where you move, there will be some minor inconveniences. One of the inconveniences for us with this new house has been trying to get our internet set up.

When you move, it’s so easy to set up your electricity, your water, and your garbage. Internet is a whole other beast. I’m a firm believer that internet should be treated as a public utility, but it’s not, so we have to live with the beast that is Comcast.

At some point in the lifetime of our house, either the seller or a tenant that he rented the house to didn’t pay their Comcast bills. As a result, Comcast blocked the house from service unless and until a new owner takes over and proves new ownership.

So, tonight, we tried to do that. Try is the operative word because Comcast never makes it easy. We didn’t get the house unblocked, but the process has started and should hopefully be resolved by Friday. Hopefully.

My hair dryer that I’ve had since high school finally broke this morning as well. We stopped at a beauty store tonight on the way home to get a new one and I bought the exact same model. Don’t mess with success!

So – nothing really great and nothing really bad to report. Just a mundane day, full of the normal minor inconveniences of moving.