#17 Everything Hurts

As soon as I got back to Nashville today, Sean and I headed over to the apartment to do laundry, move a bunch of small things that we had left behind in the apartment, and clean it up to get it ready to turn back over to the landlords. We got a washer and dryer delivered to the house yesterday, but we discovered that the prior homeowner, in all of his infinite wisdom, redid the laundry room area but didn’t cut a hole to vent the dryer. So, we’re stuck doing laundry at the apartment until we can get a contractor to cut a hole to vent the dryer.

What we thought would only take us a few hours took us the ENTIRE DAY. We didn’t get back to the home until 7pm and everything hurts and everything is sore. Moving is hard work.

Dinner tonight consisted of Oreo cookies and milk in a bubble bath.