#20 Mental Health Day in the Garden

I took the day off from work today rest and recuperate, especially after the not so relaxing weekend that I had. I finally tackled the yard, getting a head start on cleaning things up since it’s supposed to rain all weekend. I started by trimming back our rose bushes. I discovered, after reading many blog posts and watching several episodes of Monty Don’s Big Dreams, Small Spaces (available on Netflix) that roses are supposed to be trimmed back more aggressively in winter (maybe in February). I’m not sure that was ever done with our rose bushes because they’re so overgrown. My biggest concern is the strain on the roots, but I also don’t want to be overly aggressive in cutting them back since we’re in the middle of the blooming season. So, I cut it back as much as I was comfortable with and brought some clippings inside for us to enjoy.

Roses from our garden in my grandmother’s vases. They smell as glorious as they look!

After trimming the roses, I turned to the yard, which involved me sweating and cursing over the new lawn mower as I struggled to mow our steep yard. Luckily, our new electric mower is fairly quiet so I was able to listen to an audio book while I mowed the yard. I’m currently listening to Last Shot by Daniel Jose Older. Unfortunately, I worked so hard and strained so much that I busted a blood vessel in my eye. It’s no big deal, but my right eye looks pretty angry. I’m going to leave the overgrown yard to Sean to mow from now on.