#23 Toddlers are Fun

Toddlers are fun, especially when they get off their routines or schedules. We got to my sister and brother-in-law’s house this afternoon to relieve my mom of babysitting duties, and Virgil was down for his afternoon nap. Except, he wasn’t napping. When I eventually went in to check on him he had a poopy diaper. So, after a quick change he went back down and slept. And slept, and slept, and slept some more.

Virgil normally eats dinner around 5:30pm. I tried waking him up at 5pm and he booted me out of the bedroom with a resounding “Bye bye!” I left him until 5:30pm and tried again – I got another “Bye bye!” Finally, at 6pm I grabbed him out of his crib and brought him downstairs. The situation was precarious and full of tears until the mention of milk. After that, he ate a hodgepodge dinner of randomness and then went to bed without a hitch.

We’re sleeping with a baby monitor for the first time, ever, tonight. We’ll see how that goes – Virgil talks in his sleep sometimes and I’m a light sleeper when it comes to watching kids in the first place. Fingers crossed that I sleep okay tonight.

My sister and the baby are all set to come home at some point tomorrow, so I’ll finally get to meet my niece then!