#24 Worn Out

Virigil is so much fun, but he definitely wears you out. He’s always a treat in the morning when he wakes up. I was on my own with him for a bit this morning – Sean had to run back to our house to feed our cat – and at one point Virgil turned to me and said, “I need to dance!” So dance we did! Hip Hop and Katy Perry’s Roar were big hits with him.

Sean called me on his way back from our house – my mother-in-law bought us a bunch of stuff that we needed for the house and it got delivered today. Most of it is for our bedroom, which is awesome. The bedrooms in our new old house are pretty small, just big enough to get our king sized bed into, but not big enough for the bed and traditional nightstands. As a result, our phones and books and glasses, things that would normally go on a nightstand, are currently chilling on the floor. Sean’s mom got us these corner floating shelves, which will act as our nightstands, as well as wall sconce lamps, which will be our bedside lighting. She also got us a new bed frame (to be delivered on Wednesday), which will give us more under bed storage (also very much needed). I can’t wait to get our bedroom all finished and settled. Thank you Shelly for the house warming gifts!

After Sean got back, the three of us danced some more and then settled in for lunch and then Virgil’s nap. My mom got back to the house just after Virgil went down for his nap, and then shortly after that my sister and brother-in-law came home with Anna Grace! Y’all, she is so tiny and cute! She’s a squirmy little thing too. I held her for a bit while she slept and my sister showered. Poor Anna Grace (and poor sister and brother-in-law) is on a reverse schedule since she was born in the middle of the night – she just wants to sleep during the day and is much more awake and hungry at night. Hopefully they can get her off that schedule soonish and increase their sleep time.

Sean and I headed home this afternoon and Sean was determined to do as much house stuff as he could. We can’t hang the wall lamps or corner shelves in the bedroom until we get the new bed frame and know the exact height of the bed. We also can’t hook up our washer and dryer until we get a dryer exhaust vent run.

We haven’t been able to hook up our washer and dryer because we don’t have a vent for the dryer – somehow, the original owner of his house, when he redid the bathroom and the laundry room, didn’t think to run a dryer vent, so now we have to do it. We’ve called several contractors and can’t get anyone out to the house to take care of it. So, we’re without a washer and dryer, for now. As a result, there washer and dryer is just hanging out in our kitchen, along with several empty boxes. Our recycling pickup is just once a month, so we have to wait until Tuesday to empty out the recycling that is already full of broken down boxes before we can move the rest of these. Moral of the story, the house is cluttered and it’s driving Sean crazy. I don’t blame him, it’s driving me crazy too, but there’s just not a ton that we can do right now. Hopefully we’ll get some of this resolved this week and we’ll be much more settled in by the end of this week.

But for now, I’m going to bed. After spending the weekend watching a toddler, sleeping in a different bed, and dealing with the clutter of a new old house, I’m exhausted.