#25 Sarah vs The Yard, Take Two

Today was a fun day. Sean took the day off from work to catch up on some much needed rest and to refuel. Because we didn’t have to carpool to get him to work at a certain time, I had enough time to do some yoga this morning before going into work.

While Sean was home today, he called a million contractors and handymen, to try to get someone to come take care of our dryer vent. He managed to get one handyman out to the house to take a look. The guy offered to do the job for $180 but wanted to drill the vent down through our flooring, rather than the wall. We’re getting a second opinion. I finally got a hold of dryer vent tech specialists, and they’re going to come out on Wednesday to take a look. They should be able to fix it the same day too, if I agree to their prices. Fingers crossed for a relatively easy fix, but based on what the handyman was comfortable doing, I don’t think it’s necessarily the easiest fix.

Since Sean worked from home today and we didn’t have to carpool from his work, I got home from work a lot earlier. Sean cooked flank steak tacos while I mowed the yard and listened to my audio book. Mowing today was so much easier than the first time, thanks in large part to the fact that the yard was not so overgrown and was just a normal height. I thoroughly enjoyed mowing the yard today and had a blast – I’m excited about working in the yard all summer.

After mowing we sat down to enjoy dinner and caught up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I’m not going to post spoilers and I’m not going to go on a big rant about Game of Thrones, but this season stinks. I’m not here for a happy ending – it shouldn’t have a happy ending. But the writing is rushed, the tropes they’re using are overdone (especially with the female characters and characters of color), and they’ve just really dropped the ball this season. I’ve always had problems with the writers’ handling of the female characters, and this season just reaffirms those problems. I’ll watch the finale, but I’m not expecting much.