#27 The Day Everything Was Fixed

Today was a great day!

I worked from home today because we finally got a dryer vent tech to come out to the house and install a dryer vent line. The job ended up being more complicated more expensive than I thought it would be, but the company we used did a great job. The dryer vent techs showed up early, they worked hard for a couple of hours, and their work was clean and professional. I was able to do laundry by the end of the afternoon, which is awesome! Never underestimate the power of a functioning washer and dryer in your home!

After I started my first load of laundry in the house, our new bed frame for our master bedroom got delivered. This bed frame gives us so much more under bed storage, which is desperately needed thanks to the small closets in our new old house.

Zinus Paul Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Wood Slat Support, available on Amazon.

I got to work on the bed frame and was about halfway through when Sean got home from work. We finished building the bed frame together, and it was the easiest piece of furniture we’ve ever had to build. This bed frame put Ikea to shame.

After the bed was built and put back together, Sean mounted floating corner shelves on either side of the bed, which act as our nightstands since the room is too small for traditional nightstands.

The last thing we have to do for the bedroom is put together our wall mounted lights on either side of the bed, which will act as our bedside/reading lamps. I’ll probably tackle that project on Friday after work. After that, our bedroom will be done!

(Well, our bedroom will be mostly done. I still want to get a sliding closet door for the closet in that room, but that’s not a necessity at this moment. That’s one of the last projects we’ll tackle in the house.)

I’ll post photos as soon as we get it all finished!