#28 Headaches aka Do More Yoga

I was having a great and productive day, until I got a headache.

Beyond the miserable headache, which continues to pound in my brain even after taking a nap, I got good news at work today, I managed to get a lot of work done on a big project, I attended a successful meeting for fall teaching prep, and I realized that I unintentionally wrote one of my characters in my book to have vampire tendencies. This was a weird discovery (and due in large part to the Rose Sinister: Vampires podcast) but it actually makes a lot of sense for my character and it’s re-energized my passion for this book. If I didn’t have a headache I’d sit down and write this evening.

Note to self: do more yoga so that I don’t end up with massive knots in my neck and back, giving me headaches. Yoga with Adriene tomorrow morning.