#29 Working Yoga Back into the Routine

I started the day off right, working on my at-home practice with Yoga with Adriene. Every time I come back to yoga I ask myself why I ever stopped my practice. If you are a yoga person (or even if you’re not a yoga person), Adriene is a fantastic and free resource for home yoga practice. All you need is some floor space and her videos. She’s got full 45 minute – 1 hour long practices, short 5 minute videos for those much needed work breaks, and everything in between. Okay, now that you know how much I love and appreciate Adriene we can move onto other things.

I had all of these good intentions to come home after work and put together our wall mounted lamps for our bedroom, but I didn’t. Instead, I piddled about in the garden. My mom recommended this fantastic app, Picture This, which helps you identify plants and trees in your garden. This was awesome because Sean and I had no idea what was a weed and what was actually landscaping in our yard. After wandering around in the garden with the app, I discovered that we actually have a pretty rad garden! Here’s a handful of the bushes and trees in our yard:

  • Chinese Rose
  • Heavenly Bamboo
  • Smokebush
  • Hibiscus
  • Black Locust
  • Cherry Tree

Now that we know what we have in yard we can start taking care of them! I’m planning on working in the garden tomorrow, keeping myself busy with weeding and pruning these bushes so that we can hopefully get the garden back under control.