#30 My Sweaty, Back-Breaking Garden

I’m exhausted. I woke up around 7am and immediately went out into the garden. The entire day was me working against the sun. I worked out in the yard until about 11am, weeding and cleaning up the left section of our yard, just in front of our foundation. The previous owner of the house had planted several plants (hibiscus, heavenly bamboo, and Chinese roses), but the grass is completely overrun with weeds that are starting to strangle the plants. So, the first part of the day was spent ripping up weeds.

While I weeded, Sean went to home depot to pick up some garden soil and mulch, to revive the area around the plants once I get them clear of weeds. I started mowing the yard but gave up about halfway and came inside for the hottest part of the day.

By late afternoon (around 4pm), the sun had gone down enough to where it was behind the backside of the house, which made working in the front yard actually tolerable. Sean finished mowing the yard and I finished weeding and working the soil around the bushes. We laid down fresh soil and mulch, put some rocks around new bed that we created, and it instantly looked 100 times better.

It took all day to get this one small section of the yard under control.

It took all day to get this one small section of the yard under control, which is nuts but it looks so much better. We’ll make slow progress around the rest of the yard, but we’ll get it done. We’ll probably tackle the other side of the front of the house next weekend. But I’m not lifting a finger tomorrow – I’m exhausted and sunburned.